Natural Science and Mathematics: Interclub Council: Member's Privileges Friday December 6th

Member’s Privilege: December 6th

1.      AMSA: None
2.      Biology: dessert social at the greenhouse 1pm, CA science center tour, meeting DBH 268 12pm December 11th

3.      BGSC: None

4.      CBCGSA: Absent

5.      CBC: None

6.      Geology: ICC funded people spoke at meeting, all invited to Dodge ball Jan 24th time to be announced next week.

7.      LMSA PLUS: Last meeting dec. 12th, speaker from American Heart assoc. Tuffery AB 10-11am

8.      Math: Last meeting was today (dec 6th) nachos being served.. Christmas party fliers went out for party on Dec 20th 7pm.

9.      Member at Large (Brian Vu): Scholarships have been graded; notice will hopefully be given by end of the semester. There were 75 applications for the Pollack scholarship.

10.   Member at Large (Brian Gadbois): Geologys Christmas party is December 20th 7pm at the Armstrongs.

11.   Physics: Holiday Party potluck in grad room MH 62 Dec. 13th 12-1

12.   SMART: Holiday Party- white elephant- December 13th 3-6pm at Dr. Kids

13.   SHPA: Today (Dec 6th) meeting Alv AB 12pm- Pre health- intent to apply for medical school. UCLA school of medicine tour 10am December 12th email

14.   STEM Outreach: MH527 today last meeting

15.   SUCCESS: Absent

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