Funding from NSM-ICC

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive funding?

All CSUF students from the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics can receive funding from NSM-ICC to pay for the expenses for traveling to conferences relevant to their fields of study.
Students belonging to one of the following clubs listed below may contact their respective ICC representatives. 

Active Clubs
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Beta Psi Omega Professional Biology Fraternity
Biology Graduate Students Club (BGSC)
Chemistry and Biochemistry Club (CBC)
Geology Club
Flying Samaritans
Pre-Medical Latino Undergraduate Society (LMSA Plus)
Math Club
Physics Club
CSUF Pre-Dental Society
CSUF Pre-Optometry Club
Pre-Veterinary Club
Student Health Professions Associations (SHPA)
Spanish for Health Services Club (SHS)
Sisters in Mathematics and Academic Relations in Teaching (SMART) Girls

Students who are not part of one of these Active Clubs can also receive funding through NSM-ICC by contacting one of our three Members-At-Large. Please head to the Meet the Representatives tab for their contact information.

How much can I receive from NSM ICC?

Depending on the status of the recipient for travel and hotel, the amounts can differ. Non-active members (non-presenting) can receive up to $300 and active (presenting students) can receive up to $500. 

How I do I quality as an active participant?

Active participants must give presentation of some sort at the conference (e.g. poster, talk). This must be confirmed in writing by a faculty mentor/research member/or advisor of the club in which the student belongs. 
How I do I qualify as an non-active participant?

Non-active members do not present at the conferences they attend. They go rather to expose themselves to subjects of interest in their field, learn about new developments, or meet with potential faculty advisors if they intend to continue on in academia.

I am an active participant? What do I do?

If you are an active participant you should first and foremost, contact your ICC Club Representative, who will guide you through and be held partially responsible for your paperwork. If you do not know who your ICC Representative is, and you belong to one of the clubs listed above, please contact your president, or use our navigation bar (right hand side of screen) and click on "Meet the Representatives". Find your rep and send them an email - the sooner the better!

Where can I find more about ASI and NSM-ICC policies?

You can find them here:

For more information please refer to the NSM ICC Funding Request Packet for Events and Travel: You cannot download these items, but please refer to them for detailed proposal packet information. To obtain the original PDF of these packets please ask your NSM ICC Representative or email Thank you!

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